Fall Theme Challenge | Southeast Texas Baby & Child Photographer

"Life starts all over again when it's crisp in the Fall..." F. Scott Fitzgerald.  That about sums up my life right now because I have so many new beginnings to look forward to at the moment.  Our relocation to Texas took place in late summer.  Before I knew it I was seeing leaves falling from trees, the morning air was crisp (even if only for a moment), and Starbucks had finally added the Pumpkin Spice Latte to the menu.  (The caffeine content in even a tall latte is too high for this pregnant mama, but I am content knowing it is available should I cave and order one.  It only happened once so far.) 

Life starts all over again when it’s crisp in the Fall...
— F. Scott Fitzgerald

It's wonderful to be nearing the end of my pregnancy when the weather is finally cooling down.  Giving myself permission to slow down, take a step back, enjoy the upcoming seasons, and enjoy the remainder of this pregnancy has been an adjustment.  But this move/maternity break is one that was much needed.  As much as I needed this time, it has also been hard to step away.  Instead of taking on new clients, I have been spending much of my time behind the scenes rebuilding my website (the one you see today), as well as planning the future of Kristy G. Photography.  As I do this I have also been pulling out my beloved props, creating some new tiebacks, and day dreaming about the beautiful sessions that will soon take place using all these things.  

I've also been mapping out my new studio space, planning new products, creating pretty little things for sessions, and reading a lot too.  Mostly I prefer business books.  My favorite are books that not only offer advice on creating a better business, but that inspire and motivate me to also be a better person.  I recently read 'The Pumpkin Plan' by Mike Michalowicz and just finished 'Today We Are Rich' by Tim Snaders.  Both were great. 

But mostly I have been drooling over the Fall colors that I have in my prop closet.  I am usually a neutral, muted color girl.  Those soft color palettes just make me want to snuggle up!  But if you look closely at my color wheel you will see that I every now and again I step out of that comfort zone and into a rich, warm palette that is perfect for Fall.  Below are some of the Fall colors I have been working with to create beautiful little things for future sessions.  I love how these colors all work together.  When pair with some of my more muted colors they look amazing too! 

So here's to warm color palettes, cozy sweaters, pumpkin spiced lattes, and boots.  Cheers!  Oh, and don't forget to check out what R. Delp Photography has to say about Fall.  

Happy Fall y'all!


Kristy G.