A Celebration of Friendship

Humans are social creatures. We actually need companionship to survive. So it is no surprise that friendships are so important. Throughout our lives we are blessed to meet friends through school, work, church, sports, and other social activities. I met my best friend in first grade on the playground during recess. We have been friends for 30+ years. Through all of life's trials and tribulations she has been there. From slumber parties in elementary school to roommates in our 20s, she is my sister from another mister.

"Love you like a sister but even more! "

When we moved to Texas it was particularly hard on my daughter to leave her friends. She is a social butterfly and makes friends easily. However, she made it very clear to me that she did not want to start a new preschool and was not going to be making any new friends because she liked the ones she had in California. Her resistance to making new friends was making her miserable and breaking my heart.  There were many times I would hold her in my lap while she cried. 

When school started she did make friends, but would not fully open her heart to the new friendships. Finally, a little over a month into school the wall began to come down. She was forming new friendships and could no longer deny her heart what it so much deserved. Friendship.

This month's theme challenge is 'friendship' in honor of friendship week. I thought a fun way to celebrate Mandy's new friendships would be with an informal photo shoot celebrating her new girl friends. These girls are so sweet together. They giggle together, hug each other, encourage each other, play horses, Barbies, and dress up. I think they even have a crush on the same boy, lucky him! Lol.

I am so grateful to these girls for loving my Mandy and for their mama's for letting them participate in this photo shoot. Friendship is truly a beautiful thing. Here are just a few of the silly pictures we took.

Kristy G. Photography specializes in baby and child portraiture. If you would like to inquire about a session please email Kristy@kristygphotography.com. To continue celebrating friendship week take a moment to circle through the links below to find one out how other photographers across the country chose to celebrate. I love seeing how everyone's interpretation and vision is different as well as their artistic style.

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